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"It's Nick. You know what to do."

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[Action] | April 6th-ish

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[Sleeping for several days had actually been pretty nice.

Sleeping in general has been a challenge ever since that night on the mountain, and he rarely made it through a night without waking up at least once. But after the whole energy drink thing at Delight's party, he'd been so tired that other than brief interruptions to eat or drink something he'd slept for most of the last three days.

So he's in a pretty decent mood when he meets up with Nick to go on a scavenging hunt, if a little stiff. When he catches sight of Nick where they're supposed to meet up he calls out to her, stretching a little as wanders over.]

Hey, Nick. Ready for hopefully uneventful adventure?
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[He's still not sure if he should be contacting her at all. It might be best if he didn't, if he just left her alone; surely she doesn't want to talk to him. He doesn't think he'd want to talk to him.

But he also doesn't want to just leave her alone, to have to deal with things by herself, and there's also a but of selfishness in his decision; he wants to know if she's okay, and he wants to tell her he's sorry.

But as good as he can be with words, he doesn't think he can manage starting this conversation face to face, or even voice to voice. So he sends her a message instead, and hopes she won't just ignore it.]

Hey, Nick. It's okay if you don't want to talk to me, but I wanted to check on how you're doing. And say that I'm really, really sorry.
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I remember that you said you used to be a bartender.

That was you, right?
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Backdated to the 2nd; Voice

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[He felt it the moment she was no longer in Hadriel. That subtle shift of a mind that he could no longer touch. He hadn't been able to read her Morphus form, but it was still there, just a wide, gaping space. This meant one of two things: Nick had either disappeared from the cave entirely or she was dead. Both possibilities filled the old immortal with distress. Hoping against hope that he was somehow mistaken, he tried to contact her.]

Nick, if you are there, please contact me immediately.

[His anxiety grows, and by the end of the day, Ushahin is sure. She is gone and his heart hurts.]