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"It's Nick. You know what to do."

voice. video. text. action.
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[He just kind of stares for a moment, trying to process the whole idea of that.]

I was... I-I was pissed at you for being a jerk. T-That doesn't mean I wouldn't care if like, s-something happened to you.
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[If he weren't utterly exhausted mentally and physically he would explain exactly what the issue is--as well as be incredulous that she doesn't seem to get it--but he just doesn't care to bother right now.]

Sure. Whatever. T-The point is that being mad at you doesn't mean I like, don't care at all; I-I mean, Josh lives with me and the others.

[And if there's someone he has reason to be genuinely angry at, it's Josh.]
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Okay, well, I don't think anyone or anything here is 'usual' so...

[So, for good and bad, prior experiences aren't always applicable. He's been learning that too.

He's really glad that that the whole conversation has calmed down a bit, but now he's just really tired and hoping she's okay enough that he doesn't need to worry about he being alone. He does want to ask though--]

Are you um... You okay on like, stuff at your place?

[He's not sure what he'll do about it if she doesn't since he can't really walk, but he'll figure something out.]
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[She does look better than she should for being shot, even if she doesn't look great, so he's inclined to believe her but still thinks she should probably rest. If not for physical reasons then emotional ones.

At the question he shrugs a little.]

I'm okay.

[Nick has enough to worry about without feeling guilty about him too, and ultimately he isn't that badly hurt anyway. The whole thing had been more traumatizing than anything else, but he's still seen worse, so he's hoping he'll just get over it.]
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Hey, superhealing is cool no matter what it's caused by.

[For the most part anyway. At her last comments his eyes light up just a fraction with a hint of mischievousness.]

Do those sorts of things still exist? I'd go like, the fortune teller mystic route instead. Get a really crappy place in a run-down strip mall and fill it with purple scarves and really bad incense.
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Well, back when you were a kid, maybe there really were circuses.

[It's gentle teasing, lacking any real energy but still an attempt to lighten the mood a little now that things are calmer, even if the subject is still a bit somber.]

Yeah, I think I'm done traveling. I'm kind of done traveling outside my house, actually.

[At home, anyway; he's pretty sure he'll decide to spend quite awhile at his parents' house, not even his dorm. here, of course, staying inside all the time isn't really possible even if it might be appealing.]
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Well if they're like, anything like on tv they seem like they'd suck anyway.

[He gives a small scoffing noise.]

You say that like I wasn't already. Geez, I make the mistake of going out in the wilderness one time and get attacked by monsters.

[It's definitely an exaggeration; he preferred staying inside on his computer or phone or whatever else rather than going out into 'nature and junk', but that was just preference. He's pretty sure if--when--he goes home, however, he's going to spend at least a solid month inside doing nothing.]
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I think it's different if it's not by choice, right?

[Like getting snowed in, or being on bedrest, or being buried alive for days.

He needs a nap.]

But um... Okay. I know you said you're fine but you should probably get some more rest, right?
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[He's definitely not super convinced, but he is sure she's at least physically going to be okay. So instead of arguing with that, or with her last comment, he just gives a tired nod.]

Yeah. I think um... I'll do that.

I'll talk to you later, okay?

[If things are--more or less--good with them, anyway.]