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app for hadriel (v2.0)

Player name: (the other) Rae
Contact: [ profile] ventose; torrefied#5852 @ discord
Characters currently in-game: Mello.

Character Name: Nichole Anne “Nick” Rivenna
Character Age: 27
Canon: Original.
Canon Point: Six and a half months after leaving Hadriel (which happened at the end of February 2017, so it’s now September 2017 for her).

World Description: Basically the same as the real 2017 world, just with the existence of not-entirely-human shape-changing creatures called Nightbane.

History: For Nick’s original life story and CRAU history at Vancouver Nightbane, there’s an app for that.

For Nick’s history during her first stay in Hadriel, see below.

During the six months after Nick returned from Hadriel (the second time, when she was dropped), she decided to more fully embrace her Nightbane self. She took the words of her doppelganger to heart - namely that she possesses incredible power and potential and just doesn’t utilize it - and decided to leave Omaha and return to Vancouver, to work with the network of Nightbane there on honing her abilities. She spent the months of her post-Hadriel life training with the other Nightbane, learning how best to fight with her existing abilities and learning two additional skills (detailed below). Regardless of whether the Door ever returned her to Hadriel, Nick knew she had a long, potentially perilous life ahead of her, and it was time to start doing something productive about it.

Personality: There’s an app for that too! Nick has mellowed out a bit after the past two years, though; her time in Hadriel and the intermittent visits back to her world have helped her learn to be less abrasive and antagonistic and a little more kind and tolerant, and the friends she’s made along the way have helped her grow into a slightly more friendly and generally less shitty person. She’s also become less apathetic/more motivated to be an active participant in her life, and she approaches life with a little more hope than she had before. Nick has also gained a small fraction of self-esteem and lost some of her self-loathing, and she’s become a bit more comfortable with her sense of identity and purpose.

Inventory: The clothes she’s wearing, including a denim jacket; a messenger bag with her wallet, journal, phone (which won’t work in Hadriel), two pack of cigarettes, a couple cheap lighters, an assortment of pens, and her tambourine, which she carries for sentimental reasons (just let her live ok!!).

Abilities: Mostly detailed in the previous app but Nick will be returning with all six Nightbane Talents developed.

Darksong: The Nightbane can emit a piercing, deafening sound; it can be an inhuman howl, a mighty roar, an ultrasonic keening, or even electronic feedback, depending on the Nightbane's Morphus. Nick's sounds like a distorted, inhuman wailing.

Shadow Blast: Fires a bolt of black energy from either hand; range of 500 ft.

Sharing the Flesh: A strange and horrific healing spell. The Nightbane touches an injured person to magically transfer the other person's wounds, injury, and pain to him/herself. The person being healed falls into a coma or sleep that lasts a short amount of time (up to player discretion) and then awakens completely well. The effect is often gruesome, with nasty wounds spontaneously appearing on the Nightbane as the subject heals.

The Nightbane can transfer as much damage as he or she can tolerate, which may be only a little amount to all. This is actually a painful sacrifice on the part of the Nightbane as he/she heals normal - fortunately, these creatures heal rapidly compared to humans.

Nightbane must perform this act of sacrifice of their own free will. Healing critically injured/comatose characters will cause pain and shock to the Nightbane, enough to put them into a coma for a length of time (depends on the situation). A Nightbane who is weakened can perform the same healing but will die in the process.

Shadow Storm: Creates a swirling cloud of dark energy that fills a small area. This cloud can be sent forward at a medium speed; maximum distance away from creator is 500 ft. The dark energies of the cloud inflict damage on anything or anybody in its path but can be dodged. Each time it hits a sound of thunder is heard overhead.

Storm Maker: Allows the Nightbane to control certain aspects of the weather, namely rain, wind, and temperature. For Hadriel purposes, the affected area will be a one-mile radius of wherever Nick is standing in order to cause these changes. Strength of effects vary depending on Nick’s stamina, i.e., will weaken the longer she sustains whatever effect she’s casting, and I don’t intend to use anything super strong/game breaking - so no tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, etc., unless that is something the mods would like to plot out!

Mark of the Nightbane: Temporarily curses another by inflicting the Nightbane’s Stigmata on them (Nick’s Stigmata is the cracked forehead in her Morphus form). This is a very painful, damaging curse for anyone who is afflicted but it is not permanent. It can only be cast on one target at a time and only once (i.e., cannot be stacked). Length and strength of the effects will be left to player discretion.

Flaws: There’s an app for that. Same as before, though her sharp edges have been somewhat softened by her experiences during the past two years.

Previous Game and Time: Hadriel; November 2015-February 2017

Previous Development: Nick went through A LOT during her year-and-change in Hadriel the first time - her overall rating of her stay is 3/10, would mostly not recommend. She and the rest of the population were subjected to some pretty terrible things on a regular basis, like being buried alive, getting attacked by wendigos and zombies and other assorted monsters of the month, being driven to murder someone she’d never even spoken with before, and Nick basically hated every minute of it. Thankfully, by the end of her first tenure in the city, she’d become somewhat desensitized to the gods’ mischief, if a little angry - but when isn’t she a little angry. Hope and Fear both told her that Rage would like having her around, and they’re probably not wrong.

Sometimes, those experiences drew mixed emotions. Confusion’s revival made powered individuals (including Nick) go haywire, which wasn’t fun, and exponentially so for Ushahin accidentally using his powers to get inside her head and, well, break it. That was painful in every way imaginable, yet it proved to be beneficial in the end, because it made the rather violent point to Nick that her own understanding of suffering was incredibly limited. Ushahin had lived for centuries, and the compounded pain of his life shoved into her mind gave Nick a pretty serious reality check. This provided a huge step for Nick in moving past her own self-centeredness with respect to her world view of her life being complete shit - which, yes, there were a lot of bad things that happened, but maybe not quite as bad as possible? Anyway, getting your brain smashed to bits isn’t a good time but it did help Nick grow up a fairly significant amount.

Then there were the friends she made along the way. Ushahin and Chris Hartley are her two best Hadriel friends, because both of them showed her that a) not everyone is terrible and out to fuck her over, 2) you can fight with your friends and it isn’t the end of the world, and d) having friends who truly understand you is a really good thing! Both were also instrumental in helping Nick accept her “monster” self, i.e., her sense of self as a Nightbane. Except for an initial brief panic attack, Chris wasn’t freaked out and didn’t reject her (as she expected) when he discovered her not-entirely-human abilities, and Ushahin is a fellow not-entirely-human person she could relate to and learn from.

Nick’s time back in her own world also gave her some closure on the first chapter of her life. Seven years elapsed between when she disappeared in 2009 and when she returned in 2016, and in that time, she was legally declared dead. She also discovered that her ex-best friend Andy did still care for her, as he spent significant time attempting to track her down during the years she was missing. Both factors gave Nick a push to put serious thought into who she wants to be, instead of merely skating by in her life - which is likely to be much longer than she ever imagined.

Action Log Sample: This bullshit YET AGAIN.