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permissions, part two: nightbane talents.

Nick is a Nightbane, which is (as it was explained to her) a "developmentally atypical human." As such, she has two forms, a comparatively frail, human Facade and a supernatural, superhuman Morphus.

Some quick wiki tl;dr:

The Nightbane's Morphus is said to reflect the character's personality or subconscious fears, desires and self-image. Thus some are exotic and beautiful, while others (most) are misshapened monsters. No two appear exactly alike and even the most hideous can have the spirit of a saint, while the handsome and beautiful may be evil incarnate.

Whether hideous or beautiful, cruel or kind, the Nightbane are feared and slaughtered by most humans who see only a monster. Creatures of shadows, when slain, they disappear like the morning mist, as if they never existed (and leaving no evidence of their existence).
A surprising number of Nightbane cherish and cling to their humanity. Many of these become secret protectors of humankind and champions of good. Yet even these misbegotten heroes must operate in secret lest fearful, evil or misguided humans torment or destroy them.

Nick's Morphus form takes the shape of a giant antique porcelain doll. She stands close to 6 and a half feet tall, her hair is long and brown, her glass eyes are wide and the same icy blue as in her Facade form, and all of her limbs work on hinges. Her clothing is early Victorian, a poofy multilayer black lace dress with ribbons and tight sleeves - highly impractical, and perhaps the exact opposite of Nick’s usual preference. A major defining feature of this form is the crack in her forehead - a visible hollow spot, with multiple fissure lines radiating outward - which, as Chris discovered during Rage's revival, is a weak point in Nick's Morphus form. As a whole, Nick in her Morphus form is a fearsome, bizarre sight.

In her Morphus form, Nick also possesses heightened senses and defensive/regenerative capabilities, and resists psychic meddling.

Nightbane, of course, being not entirely human, have special powers called Talents. Nick's Talents that have developed to date are as follows:

- Darksong: The Nightbane can emit a piercing, deafening sound; it can be an inhuman howl, a mighty roar, an ultrasonic keening, or even electronic feedback, depending on the Nightbane's Morphus. Nick's sounds like a distorted, inhuman wailing.

- Shadow Blast: Fires a bolt of black energy from either hand; range of 500 ft.

- Sharing the Flesh: A strange and horrific healing spell. The Nightbane touches an injured person to magically transfer the other person's wounds, injury, and pain to him/herself. The person being healed falls into a coma or sleep that lasts a short amount of time (up to player discretion) and then awakens completely well. The effect is often gruesome, with nasty wounds spontaneously appearing on the Nightbane as the subject heals.

The Nightbane can transfer as much damage as he or she can tolerate, which may be only a little amount to all. This is actually a painful sacrifice on the part of the Nightbane as he/she heals normal - fortunately, these creatures heal rapidly compared to humans.

Nightbane must perform this act of sacrifice of their own free will. Healing critically injured/comatose characters will cause pain and shock to the Nightbane, enough to put them into a coma for a length of time (depends on the situation). A Nightbane who is weakened can perform the same healing but will die in the process.

- Shadow Storm: Creates a swirling cloud of dark energy that fills a small area. This cloud can be sent forward at a speed of 30; maximum distance away from creator is 500 ft. The dark energies of the cloud inflict damage on anything or anybody in its path but can be dodged. Each time it hits a sound of thunder is heard overhead.

I will always, always communicate OOCly if your character comes into a combat situation with Nick, and you will always be free to choose whether these attacks hit or miss. However, if you have specific wishes as to whether these abilities come up in play - especially for Sharing the Flesh, since it's basically some casual body horror - please leave me a comment below to that effect, listing your character/s, journal name/s and yes/no for any specific Talents.