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NEW CANON POINT: after spending six months (May-November 2016) back, after being missing for seven years and subsequently declared legally dead.

CHANGES: Nick experienced some significant changes already over the past year in the game, particularly in the recent Confusion revival, in which Ushahin accidentally broke her mind and gave her a taste of a millennium-plus of suffering. This was a huge step in getting Nick to see past her own self-centeredness with respect to her world view of her life being complete shit - not that she abandoned that view entirely, just that she got one hell of a dose of perspective.

Being sent back home for a few months is going to help Nick grow by giving her a bit of closure on the first chapter of her life. She knows as a Nightbane, she can expect to live for a very long time, as long as she isn't horribly murdered by another, more powerful Nightbane, but she has always had difficulty envisioning a future for herself. Discovering that she has been declared dead, along with help and support from her fellow Nightbane, will give her the push to put serious thought into who she wants to be, versus who she is by virtue of the fact that she's merely getting by. In a nutshell, Nick is going to get the It's a Wonderful Life abridged experience - she will learn that her ex-best friend Andy actually does still care about her, as he spent significant time attempting to track her down, and that she actually did make an impact on people, as evident from the memorials she'll discover from people she knew once they presumed she was dead.

With help from other Nightbane, Nick will acquire a new identity and start making a new life for herself. She'll spend a few weeks readjusting to non-Hadriel life in Vancouver, then relocate under a false name to Omaha, Nebraska - surely no one will think to look for her there, right? But since Omaha has a thriving music community, she's going to get back into making music and singing, because she's going to come to the realization - without the ties from her past to hold her back - that music is the one thing in her life that makes her truly happy.

Appearance-wise, she'll look more or less the same, just having let her hair grow out a bit more to past-shoulder-length and re-dying it black. She'll pick up smoking again, which will be a headache of a habit to break once she's brought back to Hadriel. She'll remain sober for the time she's back home, having learned a good lesson from her last big drunken meltdown in Hadriel. In other words, Nick will spend her life actually living, not just surviving from one day to the next, and while her attitude isn't going to be instantly fixed, she will have a small bit of one key thing that has been missing from her life for a long time - hope.

I'd also like her to return to Hadriel having developed two additional Nightbane Talents from the mod-approved list, Sharing the Flesh and Shadow Storm. As for what she'll have with her, just clothes/jacket with a wallet, 2016-era cell phone (iPhone 6 - nonfunctioning, of course), and a pack of cigarettes and lighter in her pockets. Her tambourine and journal from the Keepsakes event will be left behind in her apartment in Hadriel when she leaves and recovered when she returns.

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