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"It's Nick. You know what to do."

voice. video. text. action.
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[Chris offers a weak laugh at her comment, shaking his head a little.]

I don't hit very hard.

[But he did punch Josh right after everything happened. It hadn't been about the whole prank, really--a punch wouldn't make up for something like that--but rather one very specific part of it; Josh had hit Ashley, and Chris' normally almost impossible to ignite temper had snapped.

He isn't totally sure what she's doing at first, for just a moment, simply because Nick doesn't seem to be the hugging type. But to say he could use a hug is an incredible understatement, and though he's a little hesitant at first--the only women he ever really hugs are his mom and his girlfriend--he soon returns the hug firmly and tries not to end up crying. He's only partially successful, shoulders shaking a little, but at least he keeps it mostly under control.]
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Y-Yeah, that'd be cool.

[His voice is a little shaky and somewhat higher pitched than usual, as is normal when he's emotional, but he's not crying when he eventually pulls away. He even manages another tiny smile at her last comment, even if there isn't much behind it.]

No problem. S-Same here, you know? I-I'm like, super calm about everything, r-remember?

[He's been told that several times by people here, and it feels like a total lie whenever something like this happens.]
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Okay. G-Great.

[He takes a few deep breaths, trying to get it all together again, and his voice is steadier when he speaks again.]

So um. Scavenging trip.

[They have a job to get back to.]