bekommen: (gimme shelter.)
nick. ([personal profile] bekommen) wrote 2016-04-26 03:36 am (UTC)


Besides shooting me in the head?

[She huffs an almost silent almost-laugh. Of all the conversations she never thought she'd be having ... ]

Don't worry about it, man. That's one of the benefits of being a freaky monster - I'm hard to kill.

[There's a hardness in her words, but it's not meant for Chris, really - more for herself, a reflection of the disgust and embarrassment she feels over acting in such an appalling manner. She's been an asshole before and felt justified in the destruction she caused, but this - this was one of those asshole gods fucking with her, and she feels like she should have, somehow, been strong enough to fight it off. She doesn't let other people control her. That's not The Nick Rivenna Way - she's her own person, too stubborn to ever fall victim to outside influence, even from a god.]

It's fine. You did the right thing.

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