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nick. ([personal profile] bekommen) wrote 2016-04-26 02:39 am (UTC)


[She hesitates when she sees the message come through, considers for a few seconds on whether she wants to reply or just delete it unanswered. Turns her phone off and shoves it in her pocket for a few moments more, then pulls it back out and reads the message again. She's been replaying the incident in the bar over and over in her mind ever since she woke up again, and she knows she was the asshole in that episode, knows everything that woman she attacked said to her was true - it was Rage's influence, not her own desires, that made her almost kill another person. But the things she said to Chris when he got in the way - that was all on her. She didn't expect to hear from Chris again, after that.

She definitely didn't expect an apology. I mean, sure, he shot her, but - was it wrong? She'd been ready to commit actual murder, kill someone she never even met, someone whose name she still doesn't know. She pretty much deserved to be shot. She's a monster, right? Monsters need to be put down when they go berserk. Everyone knows that.]

im ok

u dont need 2 b sorry

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