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permissions + opt-out.

CONTACT METHOD: Plurk @ ventose; AIM @ last laugh blues; or journal PM.

THREAD-JACKING: That's fine with me!

FOURTH WALLING / CANON PUNCTURE: Gonna guess this probably won't happen but if it does come up, I'm probably gonna be fine with it.

BACKTAGGING: Please do! I would much rather finish a thread than drop it, no matter how long it takes. I will zombietag a thing for basically ever.

AVOIDED TOPICS: Nah, I'm good with basically everything. There is no grimdark too grim or dark for me!


CURRENT CANON POINT: Nick's starting in Hadriel around a month after her Becoming. It's early 2009 for her.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: In her Facade form, Nick looks like your average human. She stands about 5'10", with a frame that's fairly thin but not unhealthy in appearance. She has a little bit of muscle, not from working out, but from moderate everyday manual labor. She stays out of the sun as much as possible (it helps that she's a night owl), so her skin tone is pale. Her black hair is styled in a short, asymmetrical chop, which she cuts herself, mostly for frugality's sake - why waste money on a salon when there's a perfectly good pair of scissors right here? Her eyes are blue; her nose is on the smallish side and sports a single piercing, a plain silver hoop. She's fairly flat-chested, and has been known to threaten bodily harm to anyone who comments on it.

Nick typically wears all or almost all black - not to be trendy, or in a "gothic" style, but because it's utilitarian and comfortable. Her attired is composed of well-worn, casual pieces, for the most part - jeans, band T-shirts, button-ups, sweaters, boots. Nick typically wears heavy black eyeliner and lipstick in a muted red shade; her ears and nose are pierced, but she has no tattoos. The only other distinguishing characteristic is a large scar on her left shoulder, a souvenir from a bar fight she was involved in a few years ago that required stitches.

For her Morphus form, please see the app!

DEMEANOR: Nick is typically standoffish right from the start; she defaults to sarcasm, and she won't hesitate to insult if she thinks it's justified (and it usually is).

ABILITIES: Please see the app, as well as the Nightbane Talents permission page!

MEDICAL INFORMATION: Nothing too much of note - Nick is a chainsmoker and has been since she was 14, but now that she has Become a Nightbane, she has advanced healing capabilities, so it probably doesn't matter much.

OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS: It's actually not hard to offend Nick, but her strongest triggers include family (i.e., her awful mother and her father's death) and close (ex-)friends (Andy and Kennedy).

MENTAL: Broadly? Yes. However, when in her Morphus form, Nick will resist psychic meddling. So if you really want to get into Nick's head, you'll want to do it while she's in her Facade (i.e., humanish) form.

MIMICRY: If you really want to, sure.

VIOLENCE: Yes please!

MAGIC: Broadly, yes, but please ask first; there may be cases where Nick would resist magic effects.

DEBATE: Ahaha, sure.

OTHER / NOTES: Nick's background comes with content warnings for domestic abuse, depression, and alcoholism, and Nick herself has acted as a violent abuser on more than one occasion. She can also be extremely rude and has a bad overall attitude. If any of this is problematic and you would like to opt out, either partially or entirely, of interacting with Nick, please note it here. Comments are screened and I have absolutely no hard feelings about it!